Protection starts at Reception

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Robert Koch Institute (RKI), one of the most important symptoms of the Coronavirus, as well as many other diseases, is a fever (e.g. 87.9% of Covid-19 cases). Core temperature is used for precise testing; however, in public spaces, the surface temperature of the forehead is measured.

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INSTAMON SAFE ENTRY can already detect a Fever in an Entrance Area

  • Contactless Measurement of Forehead Body Temperature
  • Easy & wireless Installation thanks to Battery Operation
  • No Configuration necessary

Mounting - wireless & simple

INSTAMON SAFE ENTRY can be easily wall mounted or fixed to any steel angle, depending on the height of the user. No cables are required - the batteries in the device allow years of reliable operation.

  • Standard mounting onto the wall
  • Adhesive, magnetic holder
  • VESA75
  • 2x Tripod thread

Standalone or connected - but secure (GDPR)

INSTAMON SAFE ENTRY operates completely independently and signals the result of the measurement directly to the user. This operating mode is 100% compliant with GDPR. The device has an optional acoustic signal generator and can also be connected to an external system via 2 small relays that enables it to be connected to lighting or door control systems, for example.

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