Our Guidebook about innovative and contactless Body temperature measurement in your company

Avoid planning mistakes – 7 Tips for your safety

  • Do you have a power socket nearby or is there an option for safe Battery usage?
  • How complicated is the Installation – is specialized staff required?
  • Do you have staff available if the device needs configuration?
  • How solid is the device – sometimes you need a sturdy casing, depending on the client and the usage.
  • Where do you want to install the device? Remember that the utilization of most devices require an acclimatization during the cold seasons. All instruments based on an infrared sensor work the same because they only measure the forehead body temperature.
  • Which sensor should be used? When a camera-based system is used, there are often complications with the users security and the GDPR.
  • Do you want a device, which does not send out any energy? Some sensors send out Laser radiation for example.

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